"Take an exploration into a new world of music. Listen, as the sounds of Paco Audio transport you into a melodic-trance. Combining a progressive-rock technique with an industrial edge, this music is bound to set a new musical genre in the 21st Century."

"Paco Audio is the creation of one man. Singer/ Songwriter/ Guitarist/ Multi-Instrumentalist, Steve “Paco” Marta, born in Colorado, he has dedicated most of his life towards the pursuit of his musical dreams." “With the ability to write songs and a talent like Paco’s, he is sure to find success within the music industry”

"The release of Paco Audio’s debut EP has taken the world by storm. Opening the album with the much-anticipated single “Teknine”, leaves listeners intrigued. The album’s musical content grabs you immediately with its entrancing melodies and catchy hooks. The CD is currently selling at Tower Records, Best Buy and CD Baby.com. Downloadable MP3’s are available at many popular music service providers: Apple itunes, Music Match, Rhapsody, and Sony Connect. Many more to come. Paco Audio is currently in the studio recording his second album, set to be released in 2006. A two state tour is planned to follow the new release. With a catalog of close to 100 songs, and writing new material everyday, Paco Audio has plans to produce his music for many years to come."

"Paco Audio is a one-man band. From writing, arranging, and producing original songs; to playing all of the instruments involved. He started learning various instruments and performing at a very young age. Influenced by guitar icons: Joe Satriani, Eddie Van Halen, George Lynch, Carlos Santana, and Jimi Hendrix. And the bands that changed the world: Metallica, Pantera, Dream Theater, Nine Inch Nails, to Pink Floyd, Rush, Yes, and U2."

"One of his first accomplishments was a song that received radio play and gained much attention on KMSA. He then pursued an Applied Science Degree in Music Business and Music Production at The Art Institute of Colorado. While in school, Paco formed the band “Abstraction”. The band gained much recognition and popularity around the Denver music community. Abstraction was chosen to perform on a live telecast on Satellite networkT-2. Viewers from around the world called in with inquiries on how to obtain a CD from the band. Abstraction was also selected as the opening act for a national band at The Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO."

"HillTop Records in Hollywood California has just released the "America" CD in August 2005. Signing commercial recording contracts for the use of two songs off the Paco Audio EP. "Free" and "Final". These songs are considered highlights of the album. Be on the lookout, as the CD's have already hit selected stores and radio stations across the United States."

"The career path for Paco Audio has already been chosen. With the demand for new songs on radio, movies, to video games; this opens up a whole new world for the creations of Paco Audio. His musical diversity allows him to adapt to many formats. With a fan base in more than twenty-two countries and shopping this new album to all within the entertainment industry, Paco Audio has made a huge impact in this new digital age."

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album cover

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