1. Epiphany

From the recording Epiphany


By: Paco Audio

Find a chance to run away - A reason to escape
Roll the dice and play the game - Your fantasies await
Lost my mind I’ve had to say - My soul is turning gray
Hit my knees and had to pray – Save me - Lost again insane

Don’t take me there - A stem of my misery
Don’t bring me to - A place where I should not be
I’d follow you - Test the limits - Touch the sky
Watch every time - It’s gone the same - To be…
Just leave me be - Every time it’s the same
Controlling me - Finding someone to blame
If every time I’m gonna find a harder way - I’d die

Walk you through - My darkest room
Fantasies - Fulfilled desires
She came to me - An Epiphany
Greater strength - One of power
She came to me - Can’t recognize you
It seems to be - I’ve mesmerized you
The strength in me - I’ve came to find
What’s once was mine - Was always mine
Your’re safe too…

Once in a final set - Set your mind
Once in the final set - Set your time
Keep away from me- It’s my life I can’t see
Once in the final set – Set your mind
Keep away from me
Just wanting to leave me- wanting- consoling
Just call for me