1. Free

From the recording Free


By: Paco Audio

Cover me - I’ve gone to see - A place where dreams are free
Call my day - The ones who made it through
Just label me - As truth…


If everyone were free - Just imagine what this world could be
If every vision under the sun - The chance of becoming one
If everyone saw peace - As a chance to live in harmony
Because I’ve seen - The change

Change of life – Gone before me
Everything I see - For the dream
Alone – Awake to see
Hold on to – I’ll say it for you
Hard to see – A way with me

Once uncanny - Twice to seek - Bleeds through me
What’s the cost of misery - Onto me
Once this calling has set me free
Once all the reasons bring - Wants to dream - Ultimately
Everybody’s wanting - To go and dream


Free- To dream my dream
Inside of me - And I’m free
To dream my dreams – This chance is real
Wanting us to be free - To Dream