1. Still

From the recording Still


By: Paco Audio

Take the time - try to believe
Not everything is as it seems
A mystic light maybe a thunderstorm
A dance with fate - a child is born

Do you believe in things you cannot see
Life - so clearly - sometimes
Why do you need - a reason to believe
In destiny

Can you hear the voices calling
Do you think the sky is falling
Run away - you could not stay

Do you think your end is nearing
Could it be the signs appearing
Stay awake - its always up to you

Every time I think I’ve lost my way
I stop and wonder what my guide would say
Choose the best path and be on your way
Don’t hesitate - as this could lead astray
I still believe in things I cannot see
Life - so clearly - sometimes
I still can breathe
This life was givin’ back to me
Time stands still
As we choose our free will
Is it a plan we don’t make
Or a chance we all take

Something’s are meant to be
Right in front of me
When it’s our time to go
We may never know

If we just believe
In the grand illusion
Or we just perceive
In our delusion