1. Blysstery

From the recording Blysstery


By: Paco Audio

You - you were my friend
Up until the end
Of your tragic story

Please try to believe
I would beg and plead
Won't you stay with me tonight

You're starting to feel
This pain is unreal
Did you say goodnight - so long

Be willing to try
You're starting to die
And you're killing me inside
Its not the way that you wanted to
Not the fact of you pulling through
Not the kind of life worth living

Its not the fact of your fallin' dreams
Not that you would believe in things'
That could make you seem so happy

You never saw what you did to me
Never wanted to say these things
Yet you'd say I'm sorry

If everything were a mystery
Coming out of your blysstery
Everything would be alright
Now that you're gone
It took me so long
But I won't forget your face
Looking at me
Begging me please
Can I save you from your pain

You won't hear what I've been saying
No one wins at the game you’re playing
The saddest thing that remains true
Never thought of the ones who loved you